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Fuelled by innovative ‘door behind a door’ technology, Cold Rush has created safe, secure, individual cold storage lockers that can be easily fitted into commercial spaces.

Designed and manufactured here in Australia all our locker units offer the user the reassurance of their own secure space, accessibility and choice.

The Lockers are available in several configurations and offer a choice in locking and booking options making them perfect in multiple environments from large corporate offices and apartment buildings to providing access for fresh food delivery.

Our standard Cold Rush locker system divides the refrigerated space into 20 individual lockers and is manufactured from commercial grade stainless steel and powder coated aluminium, the lockers are installed in the SKOPE BM1200 refrigerator providing superior cooling with their Active Core technology, energy efficiency and sleek design.

Ease and accessibility are the key focus of the lockers and we have developed in conjunction with NTD (National Telephone and Data) an online booking and payment system to provide a seamless experience for both the vendor and their customers.

Together with our Business Partners we pride ourselves on our superior product and the professional service that we can provide nationwide.

Our Team
Sales Manager

Dean has a background in commercial and residential construction.


He has worked on multimillion dollar homes large shopping centers and as Operations Manager at Landmark Products was instrumental in the development of a fully automated stainless steel public restroom.


Innovation, new ideas, smart designs and problem solving are passions and led to the invention that is the Community Cold Storage solution by Cold Rush.
Deans desire to keep the product aligned with the ever changing market in shopping trends has led to the creation of the ultimate online booking and delivery system specially created for the fresh food market and their apartment dwelling customers.

Cool Connected Community the three motivators that drive Helen to lead the Cold Rush team.


The development of our Community Cold Storage solution is a direct result of her drive and determination for service and her passion for working with the local community to help others help themselves.


Helen is inspired by the freedom of choice, being free to choose where to shop, where to work and what to eat and who you eat it with.


Working closely with Dean, together they have developed a product and service to mirror the vision and values of Cold Rush by bringing freedom of choice back to the greater community.

Luke is the latest addition to the team. He brings with him extensive sales experience of over 10 years and is a proven solution seller.

Luke brings a dynamic to the team to ensure each of our customers is priority 1. He holds customer service and customer experience at the highest regard and understands the potential of our product.

An intricate part of the business, Luke has the passion and drive to ensure your requirements are met and his “110%” attitude will ensure whatever solution your business is looking for, is found.

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Fueled by innovative ‘door behind a door’ technology, Cold Rush has created safe, secure, individual cold storage lockers that can be easily fitted into commercial spaces.
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