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15 Closets Turned Into Space

Adjustable shelves allow you to maximize the available room, fitting the shelves to your things, instead of being left with wasted voids. Another excellent small office design is to build a flexible storage wall structure with floor-to-ceiling supports and brackets. Open storage systems do offer complete control over the storage area. Not only can you get shelves of any depth, but useful pegboard-style panels or drawers can be added in too for stationery. Make the importance of a home office, like a closet office, into something breathtaking with the help or a feature wall of shelving or pinned pictures. This is the ideal option for those integrating a home office into a living room or communal space.

How to Turn a Closet Into an Office

If your closet doesn’t have a door, Flanigan suggests hanging drapes for added sound control. Use a tension rod and you don’t even have to put holes in your walls or the doorway to hang them. Add task lighting in the form of a desk lamp or a plug-in sconce, and you’ll be all set for whatever comes your way during working hours. If you’re only using your closets to store clothing and other items, you could be missing out on a real design opportunity to create a multipurpose space. Believe it or not, even the smallest hallway closets can be transformed into something that goes well beyond just storage. Almost everyone has to bring their work home with them at some time.

Hidden Desk

From the length and depth to allow for the top to fit easily. Start by measuring the distance between the side walls. Feel free to decorate it however you like, because ultimately, it’s all about what makes you happy. Designing your cloffice according to a theme or colour scheme can make the process way more enjoyable. The advantages of this solution are uncluttered, floating monitor look, flexible viewing angle and ease of installation — just make sure your monitors are VESA-compatible . Anything else would most likely break the space and make the workstation area appear too isolated from the rest of the house. Don’t forget to leave a bit of breathing room on the wall and stay away from intricate decorative frames as these can be distracting.

How to Turn a Closet Into an Office

If you want to create a very clever and cool home office without spending a lot of money, then you should consider creating a small home office in one of your closets. It’s a great way to save space, save money get organized and get productive all at the same time. The next step is to cut your butcher block down to size! Butcher block can be pretty expensive, so you want to make sure you don’t cut it too short. It needs to fit exactly wall to wall to be properly supported by the 2×4 studs you installed in the previous step. Once you have your moulding cut down to size, you are ready to hang!

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In Allard’s home, this small closet is actually within a bigger closet designed by California Closets’ Kate Kim. “Kate really loved my idea of turning the small closet into a vanity space and brought it to life by adding the desk and overhead shelving,” she explains. If you decide to remove the closet door to fit a chair into the setup, you might be looking for something to differentiate your cloffice from the rest of your space. A good idea would be to use room dividers, which you could easily slide to the side when needed, or curtains. Cloffice inspiration from David Land and Kritsada PanichgulAt the end of a workday, the closet door can be shut to separate the office from the living space. Depending on the kind of cloffice you opt for, it can also become a part of your room’s decor.

  • “Kate really loved my idea of turning the small closet into a vanity space and brought it to life by adding the desk and overhead shelving,” she explains.
  • Pocket Hole Jig and Screws – This will be used to attach the floating shelf to the wall.
  • LED rope lighting underneath the shelving provides all the light needed to work.
  • Try to find a chair that fits inside the cloffice so that you’re able to shut the closet door with ease.
  • Closet to a walk-in with a window, these under-utilized zones are easy to transform into your own happy little cubicle.
  • You can opt for a built-in that you can conceal, or pick up a basic tension bar at any craft supply store.

Remove those belongings that you do not need, or sign on the dotted line for storage-unit lease. But if you are not prepared to surrender yet, if you still have a little fight remaining in you, have faith. The real beauty of cloffices, though, is that they have doors that you can close.

Adding an accent to the back wall of a closet creates an interesting focal point that can help it not look like a closet. You could use vinyl wallpaper, an accent https://remotemode.net/ wall paint with painted stencil, wood shiplap, or even a thin peel-and-stick wood veneer. You could also try painting the back wall with chalkboard paint.

Build The Drawers

Table lamps and wall-mounted sconces provide easy solutions you can plug in. For a luxe touch, hang an ornate chandelier or pendant fixture to make a bold statement overhead. A practical cloffice starts with a desk or tabletop surface where you can place your computer and spread out paperwork. Begin by measuring the closet to see if your desk, printer, or filing cabinets will fit. “The foundation of the space begins with a plan,” says professional organizer Ellen Delap. Designing a walk-in closet office is more like designing a small room instead of a little office nook. Often, these big spaces have enough room to incorporate your office and your clothing storage together.

  • Not only do they look beautiful, they add oxygen to the space and can be relatively low-maintenance.
  • If there’s already an outlet in the cloffice, mounting sconces to the wall or getting a regular table lamp are two of the many options.
  • If you have an alcove, another kind of a nook, or are just keen on saving space, consider using a wall-mounted folding or drop-leaf table desk — for example, Bjursta from IKEA.
  • There is no reason to keep your cloffice extremely professional or too clean in appearance.
  • In a walk-in closet, you can position the desk along a wall or in the center of the room.
  • Not only can you get shelves of any depth, but useful pegboard-style panels or drawers can be added in too for stationery.

Monitor mounts are incredibly affordable, and free up precious space, allowing you to spread out your notebooks and paperwork. If your work situation suddenly moved home last year, I’m willing to bet you tried to get by without a desk at first. Personally, I much prefer being able to leave my laptop set up, notepads open, convert closet to office and pens scattered. Freshome readers do you have a closet home office in your home? For storage, there are no drawers so I had to get creative with storage and make sure that it not only looked great, but was functional too! Things like this leather envelope, doubles as paper storage and looks pretty darn cute too.


Do you have an extra closet organization system lying around the house? If so, you can use it to keep your cloffice tidy… just like Jennifer Gizzi of Making Pretty Spaces did! This cloffice is outfitted with shelving from The Container Store’s Elfa collection, which you can mix and match to suit your space. There’s even a little printer shelf tucked underneath the desktop for easy access.

You will want to get the measurements of each stud along the back and side walls and mark these on the shelf. Using the pocket hole jig, make pocket holes at each of these marks. You will want to attach the board to studs in as many places as possible to ensure the shelf is properly supported. Once you have the horizontal lattice moulding in place, cut and hang the supports for the desk. Since the desktop will be very heavy, you will need to attach the supports directly into the studs. Using your stud finder, find and mark all studs slightly above where you will hang the supports. Lattice Moulding – This will be used to create the board & batten detail.

Create A Cloffice

Before you begin to knock out the wall of your home to create a brand new room for that home office, see if you can save yourself some money. Imagine the possibilities of utilizing a walk-in closet (redesigned and muti-functional) or a master bedroom suite/bonus room for your new executive office suite. Instagrammer Ericka moved her workspace into an unused closet and uses her newfound empty floor space to exercise. She added shiplap and other sweet details—like a throw pillow and small plant—to a simple closet to make it a comfortable, productive space to work. Just because you’re working out of a closet doesn’t mean that your new office space has to look like, well, a utility closet. So spruce up your space with pretty, sentimental items that are meaningful to you, such as framed photos or a nice vase with fresh Gerbera daisies. In a closet office, well, there’s not a plethora of space even for your must-have items.

  • Things like this leather envelope, doubles as paper storage and looks pretty darn cute too.
  • Just because you’re working out of a closet doesn’t mean that your new office space has to look like, well, a utility closet.
  • Why not try a tulip table in lieu of a traditional desk?

The final look is less polished, but will cost a fraction of the price of installing a new closet door. Of course, you don’t want a cloffice with a door that will be in your way while you’re using it, or one that will disrupt the surrounding space if you use the office regularly.

Top 40 Best Closet Office Ideas

Have one person hold the board level and in place, while the other uses the brad nailer to attach it to the wall. Since the lattice moulding bears no weight, it is not important that it be nailed into studs, so just attach it with a enough nails so that it feels secure.

Your hallway closet is teeming with home entertaining potential—it just takes the right accessories. Even if you don’t have a sink or a hook up for a small refrigerator in your closet, you can still create a little mini bar in this area for cocktails.

In a deep enough closet, you might be able to store a chair or stool inside the closet. But a full sized office chair is probably out of the question.

Cloffice Turn A Closet Into An Office

A mirror also reminds one of a window, which can make you feel better in a windowless office. Add some greenery to improve the aesthetic of your cloffice and boost up your mood. However, we would like to remind you not to make the mistake of having only central lighting or only one kind of lighting.

Cut out paper templates or mark their outer edges in pencil so you have a solid idea of how everything will and won’t fit. Katelyn Richardson’s closet transformation resulted in a small at-home office. Then measure between the slides and build your drawers to exactly this width. Nail a 1×3 to the lower cabinet edge to create a valance for under-cabinet lighting.